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Training for educational institutions

We offer courses and workshops educational institutions of every level from early education to universities based on the Finnish pedagogy and best practices. The training can be for teachers, directors and administrative personel. We can also offer short workshops or conferences for the students. 

The themes of the courses will be personalized and will be discussed with the directors. If necessary, a diagnostic of the institution's and staff's needs are made beforehand. Courses and workshops can be face-to-face, virtual or blended. 

Examples of courses and workshops for  teachers: 

  • Phenonmenon-based learning from Finland

  • Participatory teaching methods 

  • Teaching 21st century skills 

  • How to motivate students

  • Teacher observation as a method for improving teaching practices  

  • Environmental education in teaching 21st century skills

  • Art education in teaching 21st century skills 

  • Can superior education help in innovation and entrepreneurship? Best practices from Finland

Examples of workshops and conferences for students: 

  • Finnish /nordic culture 

  • Environmental education 

  • Art education 

  • Innovation in Finland

If you would like a course, workshop or a conference for your institution, please use our contact form below, so that we can get in touch with you. 

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