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About Our Founder
Anna-Emilia Hietanen

Anna-Emilia Hietanen has PhD in Latin American Studies from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Master’s Degree in Social Sciences (Political History) from the University of Helsinki. Before ilo Education, she worked for several years in the Embassy of Finland in Mexico as a project coordinator. She coordinated the educational sector and the development cooperation programs of the Embassy. She also participated in the human rights monitoring and reporting.

Anna-Emilia has given conferences in topics related to Finland’s educational sector and other areas in which Finland has been internationally successful. She also has participated with papers in several national and international congresses on history and memory. Anna-Emilia has participated in the elaboration of learning materials for example on transversalization of gender perspective in free textbooks, gender violence and violence at work. She is the author and co-author of several academical articles on history and social sciences.

Anna-Emilia Hietanen gives classes at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Universidad Hebraica and has also teached in the National School for Anthropology and History (ENAH). She has experience in working and doing voluntary work in training and education in Mexican and Finnish civil society organizations.

Anna-Emilia has lived more than 14 years in Mexico and knows both Finnish and Mexican society well. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, Finnish and Swedish, some French and Portugues and has also studied Northern Sami.

Examples of published articles 
  • Hietanen, A.-E.: “Testimonios de las víctimas en la construcción de las memorias de la represión en Chile y México”. Revista Tramas, 41.

  • Hietanen, A.-E. & Pick, S. (2015): “Gender Stereotypes, Sexuality and Culture in Mexico”. In Safdar, S. & Kosakowska-Berezecka, N. (Eds.) Psychology of Gender through the Lens of Culture, Springer.

  • Pick, S., Givaudan, M. & Hietanen, A-E. (2017): “Women in Mexico: Advances in Their Status and Well-being”. In Brown, C., Gielen, U., Gibbons, J. & Kuriansky, J. (Eds.): Women’s Evolving Lives. Global and Psychosocial Perspectives, Springer.

  • Pick, S., Athié, D. & Hietanen, A.-E. (2016): "Effectiveness of Brief Preventative Programs for Adolescents in Mexico". In Israelashvili, M. & Romano, J. L. (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of International Prevention Science, Cambridge University Press.

  • Pick, S. & Hietanen, A.-E. (2015): “Psychosocial Barriers as Impediments to the Expansion of Functionings and Capabilities: the Case of Mexico”. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, Volume 16.

  • Pick, S., Givaudan, M. & Hietanen, A.-E. (2015): "The Effectiveness of Life-Skills Training in Violence Prevention: A Case Study in Mexico". In Taylor, M., Khan, U. & Pooley, J.A. (Eds.), Crime and Violence Prevention: Moving Beyond Hot-Stove Policing and Perpetrator Rehabilitation. Nova Science Publishers.

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